Peter Schellenbach

Director of Product Development

Patrick Payne

Chief Software Evangelist

Daniel Klein

Senior Quality Control Developer

Ian Meers

jBASE Senior Database Architect

Peter Falson

MultiValue Software Support Engineer

Dan Ell

Technical Support Engineer

Joined: 2015 Favorite Music: Billy Joel Fun Fact: A BASIC game program Dan wrote in 1979 called “Digital Baseball” was the foundation of a BASIC course taught at Vanderbilt University. Dan Ell TECHNICAL SUPPORT ENGINEER   949 383 2429 Dan Ell has over thirty years of experience in building and administering MultiValue systems and applications. After founding…

Mike Street

Technical Support Engineer

Joined: 2015 Favorite sport: Soccer, Manchester United Favorite music: The Beatles, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton Mike Street TECHNICAL SUPPORT ENGINEER   +44 797 005 3289 Mike Street is a seasoned IT professional, with decades of expertise at international companies like AT&T, Phillips, and McDonald Dettwiler. Mike honed his skills in IT and MultiValue in…