jBASE Daemons

The following jBASE daemons are provided on the Unix Platform. Other mechanisms have been used on the Windows platforms for the majority of these processes.

Unix Only

JBTP (3.4 only)
jBTP jBASE Background Task Processor. The jBTP daemon is responsible for managing and controlling jBASE background processes. The jBTP daemon can be used to allocate/deallocate, start/stop and suspend/resume background processes.

JPML (3.4 only)
jPML jBASE Process Manager and Licensing. The jPML daemon is responsible for managing and licensing jBASE processes and ports. The jPML daemon also retains certain environment details. which can then be passed between related processes.

jRLA jBASE Record Lock Arbiter. The jRLA daemon is responsible for resolving record locking conflicts encountered by jEDI database drivers. If the jRLA daemon is not started the jEDI database drivers will default to use the UNIX locking mechanism.

Note: The jBASE daemons are usually started automatically at boot time by executing a jBASE script (/etc/rc2.d/S99jDEMON), during the UNIX initialization routine.


Unix and Windows

jRFS The jBASE remote file services demon enables proprietary access to files from jBASE applications located remote systems.

Note: The jRFS daemon can be configured to start automatically at boot time by executing a jBASE script (/etc/rc2.d/S99jRFS), during the UNIX initialization routine for Unix systems and by enabling as a service on Windows.


All platforms

jspprint jBASE despooler process. Each jspprint despooler background process is responsible for despooling a specific spooler formqueue. The number of jspprint despooler processes will depend on the number of formqueues required to be active at any time. The jspprint processes can be started/stopped or suspended/resumed either directly by the spooler commands or by the spooler menu options.